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Monday, November 27, 2006


i realise tt i hav been tryin to escape frm certain issues... somehow i jus dun want to face them rite now... or rather... mayb i dun wish to face it at all... cos somehow facing it always hurts... one if it is abt my uni course... yday nite my parents pressured me again to make a decision... but somehow i get so pissed off abt it tt i was abt to shout: "u all choose for me lah!!! i dun want to tink abt it anymore!"... nva once in my life hav i ever been so nonchalant abt my future... but up till now i still dun understand y... mayb somehow a crushed dream hurts damn deep... i dun noe... :(
this wk is my blk leave... but apparently there's nth much for me to do except stay at home n waste time... cos every1 is busy... uni pple r preparin for exams... n other pple r also busy wif some other stuff... so i guess i cant meet up wif many pple ba... somehow i start to miss my frens outside army... n i realise its been a superb long time since i last had a gd tolk wif any1... the selfish side of me smtimes really wishes tt they will hav more time to spare so tt i can occupy some of their time... but i noe tt its impossible... it doesn't mean tt when im free they will hav to be free... guess its the wrong time for me to hav leave ba... sigh... :(

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

clearing my leave now... testing the blogger system to c if i can post a blog alr... hopefully it works... recently i've taken to readin... read lots of books during these past few wks... well... its smth to keep me occupied when days get really boring... life in camp is fun apart frm a few infuriatin incidents... tt's when i realised tt mayb being a nice person doesn't pay off... n smtimes can even land u in great trouble... like i nearly did... but luckily its blown over liao... so i shall not pursue it... nth much to update also... so shall only update nxt time on more stuff... which mite be quite some time ltr... haha... :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


after a super long break frm bloggin... i will re-start again... hopefully my com will co-operate wif me... hmm... basically my life has been gd so far... passed out as 3SG for quite some time liao... den posted to 42SAR... which will be having quite a hectic schedule... so i expect a lot of wkends to be burnt... this wkend is one of the firsts... sigh... i hav so much to write abt tt i dun noe where to start frm... very ironic hor... haha... :)... but hmm... mayb i will come up wif a super long one nxt time ba... its gettin late now... n i hav a kbox outing tml... so tt means i shld slp early n rest my voice rite??? :)... ok... so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Off to Taiwan...

this will probably be my last blog entry b4 i fly off to taiwan tml for 3 wks... will first update a bit abt wad happened to me for this past wk... start off wif sunday ba... oh... glad to say tt i finally managed to hav a lunch wif my KAP pact buddies at carl's junior at suntec... it burnt a hole in my pocket havin to fork out 30 bucks at one go cos i lost to ks over a bet which she n minz started... but it was time well-spent... we had a gd lunch n tolked abt a lot of stuff... esp when the two of them wanted to tell me some pointers abt gettin a gf... haha... den it was bkin in back to camp... dis wk passed relatively fast... jus spent most of our time paintin the tanks... n preparin for the taiwan trip... den bk out yday... went wif a few coursemates to this restaurant in marina sq called "Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant"... i've long heard stories abt this restaurant frm them... jeremy was a frequent visitor ever since they went there the last AHM run... but yday was the day which sealed my fate as one of them in their xin wang club... the dish i loved the most was the french toast... it was special n nice... n we made a deal to go there again after we come back to s'pore... haha... i will make sure tt i go... :)
some things just keep comin back to me... n smtimes there's really no way to make myself forget them... how??? :(

Friday, September 01, 2006

3SG HO...

haha... jus received news tt my new rank is registered as a sergeant in the documents of MINDEF... dis is despite me still wearin the CPL rank... haha... but tt will be officiated in abt 5 wks time after i come back frm taiwan... n my rank is all the more confirmed after i finally passed my SOC test on wednesday wif my personal best timin... i know a no. of pple were prayin for me n encouragin me... thx a lot!!! n im actually quite lookin forward to the taiwan trip dis comin fri... it will be 3 whole wks... n the sad thing is tt our rest n recreation slot is threatened by the current political situation n weather in taiwan... n SAF is soooo protective of its soldiers tt i will actually get confined in the hotel rm if the situation boils over or we encounter typhoon *its the typhoon season now*... in tt case den all i can hav is the tv to accompany me liao... :(...
been pressured recently by my parents to find some info on uni overseas... the thing is tt i m always very sian when they touch on this topic... cos im really facin a dilemma now... i really dunno wad i want... i used to tell myself tt i want medicine... but after i got rejected n accepted pharmacy instead, i dunno whether pharmacy is really wad i want or im jus settling for 2nd choice since i cant get my 1st choice... smtimes i really feel like not wantin to bother abt it... cos everytime i tink abt it i get more n more stressed abt it... but whenever i tink to myself tt dis concerns my future life... i cant help but get troubled over this... n the thing is tt i smtimes delay this till it snowballs... mayb im really tryin to escape frm encounterin this dilemma... sigh... :(

Friday, August 25, 2006


hmm... its really been quite some eons since i last updated my blog... under persistent naggin by some pple... i will update a bit abt my life recently... basically... trainin has slackened off... especially after the 1-wk long single tank battle course... now its all jus preparation for ROC in 2 wks time... in which i will be gone for abt 3 wks... followin tt i will be looking forward to my POP... but sadly can only bring 2 pple... but nvm... i will still shoot a lot of photos... haha...
in recent wks hav been meetin up wif some pple... like the kbox session wif a few of the S73ians... enjoyed tt... been tryin to plan an outin wif my dear KAP pact buddies... but the 2 of them seem forever so busy leh... ks n minz... try to make some time leh... its been damn long since we went out for meals tgt liao... yup... ok... guess tt will be all for this entry ba... AHM on sunday... 10km run... sianz... :(

Saturday, July 29, 2006

haha... im damn happy dis wk... cos i jus got another 200 bucks frm the SAF for gettin my IPPT gold... so tt means i got extra money to spend when i go ROC in september... which is only like 4 wks away... n frankly tt was smth which i hav always tot since young tt it was out of my reach... but fact proves tt i can do it... n really... i must say tt im proud of myself... :) *BHB*
but other things also happened this wk which made me nearly want to vomit blood... apparently it has smth to do wif some1 the whole course doesn't really like... i dint noe tt things were tt bad until i actually had to work wif him... n my crew also agrees so... esp jeremy... cos if u r able to piss jeremy off... u r GOOD!!! *in the negative sense*... if u ever read this entry... pls go n improve ur knowledge on wad to do lah... or else u will jus succeed in pissin every1 off... i commend u for ur efforts to try... but pls try harder... thx... im still restraining myself frm goin all out into conflict wif u... cos i tink its quite pitiful for u... but really... u nd to do smth... :(
yday had surprise visitors to my hse when i reached home after bk out... my KAP pact buddies decided to pop by my hse after sendin joanna off at the airport... haha... somehow they were under the impression tt i had some troubles... but ended up we were viewing photos of their uni FOC... n minz's supposed male lead of the scandal... hahaha... i really hope to ORD soon... then i can go for this orientation... u can bet tt i will be damn on one... haha... really lookin forward to my orientation... n to the pple i will be meetin... sounds really fun... haha... :)




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